IETA Hosts Election Night Hospitality Suite


Please join us following the Election Night event hosted by the Republican Party of San Bernardino County and the Lincoln Club of San Bernardino County for a hospitality suite with drinks and cigars…a good old fashioned smoke-filled, backroom political gathering! … Continued

Yes on Measure L – San Bernardino Needs Charter Reform


The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association is in full support of Measure L in the City of San Bernardino. It’s hard to imagine any real economic recovery there without first fixing a very broken government structure. Have you seen our billboards around … Continued

IETA Posts Big Wins


Big victories for the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association last night! Measure D, which the IETA not only endorsed but also managed, won by a resounding 76.20%! Great news for Colton! Also, a big congratulations to Doug Shepherd for making the … Continued

Inland Empire Taxpayers Association Sets the Record Straight


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 4, 2016 (San Bernardino, CA) – Today the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association (IETA) responded to baseless accusations made by perennial candidate (this time for the 31st Congressional District) Paul Chabot. In April of this year, The … Continued

The Hand of Big Government


By Ross Sevy A 1964 Presidential campaign ad began with a young boy riding his bike down his driveway then shooting a basketball while a voiceover states, “don’t look now young man but somebody has his hand in your pocket. … Continued

OC Register: Sacramento should stop new tax on driving


Sacramento should stop new tax on driving By MICHELLE STEEL | Orange County Register March 10, 2016 at 12:00 am Do you want the government following your car every day? Most of us don’t like that Orwellian vision, but that’s … Continued