Prop. 15 Split Roll Will Eventually Cancel Prop. 13


NO on Prop 15 – Stop Tax Hikes By Wayne Lusvardi, August 7, 2020 7:10 am   It was elderly widows who were being thrown out of their homes for unpaid property taxes in 1975 before Proposition 13.  Now with Proposition 15 it will … Continued

Gas Tax Repeal on Nov. Ballot as Prop. 6!


  Repeal the Car & Gas Tax! Yes on Proposition 6! Friends, The initiative to repeal the car and gas tax has now officially qualified for the November ballot as Proposition 6! Since the gas tax went into effect last … Continued

Gas Tax Repeal Qualifies for Nov. Ballot!


  Repeal the Car & Gas Tax! Since the gas tax went into effect last November, California now pays the highest gas prices in the nation ($3.68/gallon on average for regular unleaded, with prices in some areas rising to over … Continued

IETA Hosts Congressional Candidate Forum – 31st District


The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association will be hosting the first Congressional candidate forum for the 31st District in the 2018 election cycle. Moderated by KCAA RADIO‘s Joe Lyons. All three candidates have been invited to participate. Come ready with your … Continued