Gas Tax Repeal on Nov. Ballot as Prop. 6!



Repeal the Car & Gas Tax!

Yes on Proposition 6!


The initiative to repeal the car and gas tax has now officially qualified for the November ballot as Proposition 6!

Since the gas tax went into effect last November, California now pays the highest gas prices in the continental United States ($3.65/gallon on average for regular unleaded, with prices in some areas rising to over $4.00/gallon)! 

The good news is that we now have an opportunity to to beat back this $52 billion tax that is costing the average Californian $779.28/year

The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association will be leading a grassroots program here in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties to educate voters on the importance of repealing the car and gas tax and to turn out like-minded voters on Election Day.
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Now is the time to send a message to Sacramento politicians that enough is enough…that the high taxes we’ve already been paying should no longer be diverted away from roads to pay for pet projects.

We can only be successful in repealing this exorbitant tax if concerned taxpayers like yourself engage with us.


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Chris Mann
Founder, Inland Empire Taxpayers Association

The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association (IETA) is the largest and most active taxpayer advocacy organization operating in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Founded in 2006, the IETA’s mission is to research ballot measures, candidates and public policy issues, to educate the public on these matters, and to take action to protect the interests of taxpayers.

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