Inland Empire Taxpayers Association Sets the Record Straight


June 4, 2016

(San Bernardino, CA) – Today the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association (IETA) responded to baseless accusations made by perennial candidate (this time for the 31st Congressional District) Paul Chabot.

In April of this year, The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association endorsed Sean Flynn for the 31st Congressional District. That apparently didn’t sit well with one of Flynn’s opponents, Paul Chabot. Although the endorsement announcement said only positive things about Flynn and did not even mention any of his opponents, Chabot went on the attack.

This seems to be a pattern with Chabot. He has a long history of attacking those who support other candidates. In his 2014 failed bit for Congress, Chabot went on what can only be described as a Facebook rant, going after the California Young Republicans, San Bernardino County Young Republicans, Redlands Tea Party, California Republican Assembly, then Assemblyman (current Senator) Mike Morrell, and then Congressman Gary Miller.

Following this year’s endorsement of Flynn by the San Bernardino County Young Republicans, Chabot again went on the attack, sending a nasty letter to local elected officials seeking disciplinary action against a number of political staffers who are members of the Young Republicans. In this letter he once again attacked the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association.

Earlier this week, the Inland Empire Taxpayers Association launched a website criticizing Paul Chabot, followed by automated phone calls. The site,, is a compilation of information that has been put out by various sources (individuals, other campaigns and a news outlet), making the case against Chabot.

As is his pattern, Chabot responded by going on the attack. However, Chabot’s assertions seem to be lacking truth. Here is a summary of Chabot’s accusations, with the official IETA response to each:

Chabot Accusation: The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association is a “fake anti-tax” group.

IETA Response: The IETA is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. It has raised and spent close to $2 million in that time, supporting and opposing candidates and measures in the interests of taxpayers. Numerous elected officials are in office today due in part to the efforts of the IETA. Similarly, a number of tax measures have failed because the IETA was the only organized opposition. The activities of the IETA are a matter of public record; State and/or Federal financial reporting forms can be produced going back to 2006. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association recognizes the IETA, and includes the IETA on a list of taxpayer organizations throughout California ( Chabot knows all of this, but is blatantly lying in an attempt to discredit the IETA.

Chabot Accusation: The IETA led an effort, and received money, in support of a “Mello-Roos tax” in Rancho Cucamonga.

IETA Response: Measure A was not a tax. It was a reorganization of assessment districts. Yes, some people would have ended up paying more, but many would have paid less. It received broad support from elected leaders throughout the region, including Republican Assemblyman Marc Steinorth, who represents the area. More importantly, the IETA did nothing more than endorse Measure A. The IETA received zero money, and had no involvement whatsoever in the campaign, other than the endorsement. IETA financials are a matter of public record. Once again, Chabot is blatantly lying.

Chabot Accusation: The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has distanced itself from the IETA, and required the IETA remove the HJTA link from the IETA Website.

IETA Response: The IETA has always had a positive relationship with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. HJTA endorsed Chabot prior to realizing that there was another serious Republican in the race. HJTA has expressed no displeasure with IETA’s efforts this election cycle. The HJTA link remains on the IETA website. What’s more, the IETA link remains on the HJTA website! Another blatant lie by Chabot.

Chabot Accusation: IETA attacked a member of Chabot’s family.

IETA Response: The website contains no original information written by the IETA. It simply compiles numerous posts, mailings, etc., that others have already put out there, organizing this information in one place in an attempt to educate the voters on Chabot’s character. What’s more, Paul Chabot began the fight with the IETA by needlessly attacking with false information. Now that the IETA has responded with the truth, he can’t seem to stomach the consequences of what he started.

Chabot Accusation: IETA attacked Chabot’s military record in a deceiving way.

IETA Response: Through the website, as well as via robo-calls, the IETA has simply referenced the Fox News article which caught Chabot in a lie about his service. The IETA has never suggested that Chabot did not serve in the military, or that his service was anything less than honorable.

In response to the IETA’s robo-calls, Chabot released what appears to be his DD-214 discharge paperwork. While this paperwork gives a glowing review of his work in the Navy, it also seems to validate what his detractors have been saying for several years…that Chabot continually exaggerates his record. While he served in an intelligence position (not infantry or other combat position) which supplied combat troops with information, he likes to display pictures of himself apparently in combat gear holding a rifle, intentionally giving the false impression that he was personally on the front lines fighting the enemy. While we respect any military service, regardless of assignment, we do not respect someone exaggerating or misrepresenting their military service for political gain.

Chris Mann, founder of the IETA, stated, “We are tired of Paul Chabot’s lies, the misrepresentations of his military service and business experience, and his childish behavior. Chabot lacks the credibility and character to serve in Congress. The residents of the 31st Congressional District deserve better.”